Testimonials – What People Say About Us

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: “Sir i am selected as s t i .thanks for your guidance. Sir what will be the next procedure.”…..Dhananjay Pawar Roll No. PN012231 (1st Apr 2013)

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: “Sir i am selected as sti and thanks so much sir for your informative guidance and giving confidence.“….Pankaj Shinde Roll No. AU003341 (1st Apr 2013)

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: “good morning sir. maz sti mhanun selection jhal. thank u sir for your valuable guidance.”….. Rashmi Lonkar Roll No. PN013140 (1st Apr 2013)

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: “Gud eve.Sir, I m selected as sti. I am daily viewer of ur blog. It seems too much helpful in our studies. Thanks a lot sir!!!“….Pradnya Kamble  Roll No. PN001033 (31 Mar 2013)

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: “Sir,I got selected as STI recently.It is your valuable guidance which help me to achieve this.
Thank you very much sir” …..Shekh Md. Fasiyoddin Roll No. PN009371 (Teacher) (31 Mar 2013)

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: “Got selected in sti and industries officer. thank u very much for all the suppport and guidance thru blog.” Deepak Shivdas Roll No. AU006080 (31 Mar 2013)

On being selected as STI, Our Blog Reader Says: Dear Anil sir
aaj laglelya sti result madhe mazi sti mhanun niwad zali aahe.aplya blogcha abhyasat khup fayda zala.nehmi encouragement milat geli.tasech me aple eprospectus kharedi kele hote tya sarw pustkatun yogya sandarbh sahitya milale aaplya bahumulya margdarshanabaddal aaple khup khup aabhar, dhanyawad ….aapla”….. Sahebrao Pagare Roll No. MB001118 (31 Mar 2013)

Our Blog Reader Says: “Khup chan guidence milal. thank sir“…..Snehal Patil, PSI (30 Mar 2013)

Our Blog Reader Says: “sir,i am qualified for physical test and I want to give its whole credit to you.because its you who clear my all doubts and guide very well.when i i start my studies i was very confused ,but once i started read your blog my all doubts clared and i get foccused to studies,i have no words to thank you.thanks lot lot lot sir.”…..Pratima Bhure (28 Feb 2013).

Our Blog Reader Says:”respected sir , you have given the first class time tabel . really it is the best. its very very useful to me , i hope who will follow your time tabel will get successful not only in his exams but also in his life. THANKS A LOT SIR . i also liked your site also. i heartly congrat you for your wonderfull idea of this site.”…. yash sudhakar bokephode (28 Feb 2013).

Our Blog Reader Says: “You know what ……..I like about this portal…… I get answer to all my queries.
And hats off to your intution abot the cut-off marks. They are almost same as you predict!!!!!!!!!!.

I don’t know how much this site gives you but this site will definitely become one the most sought after online guidance resource for MPSC aspirants.

I really appreciate your vision and efforts for creating this nice portal.
Thank you!!!!!!!” – Rahul (17 Oct 2012)

Our PGP candidate says: “Intention of today’s mail is specially to say thank you for your hearty dedication and cooperation. I found you really dedicated to your work. I am doing as per the study plan you sent. But due to lack of time and my slower speed of notes taking, I am lagging behind two days. During this period I came to know that all your ideas are clear and must salute your depth of knowledge. Because this time only I understand History, unless yet I thought it like a enemy bug. And it’s all because of your proven study tips and proper study plan.  Big Thank You !”  Best Regards, Dr. Dev H. Chandewar (Gondia) (17th Aug 2012)

Our Test Series Candidate says: If you remember, I had joined you MOCK TEST SERIES MPSC RAJYSEVA 2012 and got the  good benefit of it. I have cleared the Rajyaseva prelim…….Bhausaheb Bavane (16th Aug 2012 – on phone)

Our Test Series Candidate says: “dear sir….thx to ur test series , i have cleared my mpsc rajyaseva pre exam…..pls let me knw when r you going to conduct the test series for mains…..it wud bb preety useful…..thx in advance…waiting for test series notification eagerly”………Bhupesh Mudholkar (10th Aug 2012)

“I am following your blog from the day I started apperaing for the Rajyaseva.And it is only source for authentic information for students like us.” ……Abhijit (21 Jun 2012)


“mast blog aahe sarv mpsc cahya students na changala upyog hoile” ….Somayya Swami (31 Dec 2011)

“thank u so much.. sir u r great… I like ur helping nature…god blss” …..Ajay (29 Dec 2011)

“Sir, A News Snippet is really useful concept! Thanks a lot for providing us this facility. I will  make use of this the most.”….. Harshavardhan G. Kavitake, LATUR

About “A News Snippet” – “very good and useful concept” …..Milind Pandav

“Relevant and very useful information to keep update me regarding my needs and ambition. Your are doing greate job. Warmly Thanking you Sir. ” ….Sachin Sakhare (23rd Dec 2011)

“It’s the most fabulous site for those who r unknown from adm services” — Vishal Dhobale (22 Dec 2011)

धन्यवाद सर, सर तुम्ही तुमच्या ब्लॉग प्रमाणे तुम्ही पण खूप फास्ट आहात… मी वेळोवेळी तुमची मदत घेत राहील… तुम्ही माझी खूप मोठी शंका दूर केली आहे, आत्ता पासूनच मी तयारीला लागतो… तरी तुमचे पुन्हा एकदा मनापासून आभार… Kapil Dayma (20th Dec 2011)

“gm sir,today i am so happy to surf this site.i read all the q n ans n atomaticaly solve my problems .thank u sir.” —-Nitin Saindane (11th Dec 2011)

“sir , i like to thank you about giving us guidance for exams without any cost. Your information is very useful for new candidates who dont know how will start study.” — Shaikh dastagir nazir 

“Your really great sir, i am kailash doing mpsc study in home only. this blog really help me..

thank you very very much”……Kailash (10th Dec 2011)

“Very nice Sir you are doing fantastic job for civil Servises aspirants I am doing my MD in Ayurveda in Govt. Ayurvedic College at last year and I am preparing civil Services inspired from Anna Hazareji to do something for nation.” —-Dr Nilesh Chavan (9th Dec 2011)

“the info i got in past 4 to 5 hours is more than i gathered from mpsc site from past a year” ——– Anand Sawant (Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg – 8th Dec 2011)

आपल्या या संकेतस्थळावरून व्यवस्थित माहिती मिळाली, काही दिवसांपासून मी ती शोधण्याचा प्रयत्न करत होतो..
धन्यवाद..! —— Gajanan Taywade (8th Dec 2011)

“Thank you very much Sir for your valuable information..
Your blog is more helpful and friendly than MPSC’s own website..
You are doing a noble work and I will again seek your advice if needed..
Thank you, Take care.” —- Anand Sawant (Sawantwadi, Sindhudurg, 8th Dec 2011)

“firsly i want say a lot of thanks for your blog. It is very helpfull for like me people

“I am in defence service in last year of my companssary ground. ” —- Yashwantraja ( 7th Dec 2011)

It is very nice book for planning mpsc exam” …..Kishor Dhavale (CBD Belapur, Navi mumbai,  9th Sep 2011)

MPSC सक्सेस मंत्र हे बुक खरोखर ग्रामीण भागातील student साठी मंत्र ठरणार हे मला बुक वाचून कळल पण तरीही जेव्हा जेव्हा माझ्या अत्माविस्वासात कमी पडेल व जेव्हा मी खचेन तेव्हा तुमचे मार्गदर्शनाची गरज पडेल.”…… भटू सुतार (अडवड, जि.जळगाव, 9th Sep 2011)

“Thnx sir for all ur help & guidance, did well in upsc pre all thanks to ur boosting mail & help to my problems thanking you again sir”…Mukesh Ubale

“सर आपल्या क्लासमुळे माझा कॉन्फिडेंस पूर्वीपेक्षा वाढलेला आहे. तसेच वेळेचे नियोजन आणि सखोल स्टडी झाला. पहिल्यापेक्षा भरपूर प्रगती झाली. हे केवळ आपल्या क्लासमुळे झाले.Thank you Sir.” ……विश्वास चव्हाणके (Malegaon)

“Namaste sir!, I m sending my best wishes to ur ad’s IAS academy by mail for progressive last 1 year & successful & bright future.  I used ur tips for mpsc pri n I have hope that I m will better. Thanks sir.”  ….Raghav Pilare

“It is really appreciable work you are doing for society,Through guiding the future’s of our country in right direction.May god bless you to grow and prosper. Best of luck”….Prashant Kale

“U have been exellent, providing free guidance to aspirants”…Alok Pathak (Mumbai)

22 Responses to Testimonials – What People Say About Us

  1. Roshani म्हणतो आहे:

    Gud mrng sir..I m a housewife so I dint hv any income source of my own.I belong to open category.recently I hv filled rajyaseva pre exam form .in that I have selected “yes” in d non creamy layer tab.i am born in maharashtra.but I hv been living in and out of Maharashtra in last 3 years.but all my academics are done in maharashtra itself.I wanted to know if I am eligible for non creamy layer n domicile certificate.awaiting ur reply..thnx

  2. lokesh kumar म्हणतो आहे:

    sir me ata abhyas suru karat ahe tar kasa paddhati ne karayacha tyacha baddal margdarshan karave

  3. suyog bagul म्हणतो आहे:

    hello sir my name suyog
    सर माझे B.A graduation 2017 ला completeहोइल सर job करुण daily 4 hours आभ्यास केला तर पूर्ण आभ्यासक्रम पूर्ण करायला किती कालावधि लागेल

  4. laxman sabale म्हणतो आहे:

    Namaskar Sir, mi handcape ahe tar mala STI chi post milel ka

  5. Sunil Gandhare म्हणतो आहे:

    Dear Sir,I wish to prepare for STI 2013 exam. How can it do this? “Relevant and very useful information to keep update me regarding my needs and ambition. Your are doing greate job. Warmly Thanking you Sir. ” Sunil Gandhare

  6. shweta chopda म्हणतो आहे:

    sir,M housewife..i did my MBA(H.R.),i want to give my best in mpsc/upsc exam..i truly need ur suggetion & help..as i told m housewife,with whom i go?should i go with mpsc or upsc?how?

  7. amol hyalij म्हणतो आहे:

    Amol Sir mala mpsc priksha deyachi aahe mi konti pustke jast bhar dila pahije mi BA jale aahe mi sadya campnil job kart aahe

  8. Dnyaneshwar म्हणतो आहे:

    Sir namskar,
    sir,psi,sti,asst,exam success honya sati kiti year continue study karva lagto. Please, sir mala guide kara .

  9. Yuvraj Ranage म्हणतो आहे:

    sir where should i get my registration ID because it is necessary to verify exam center? My fault is that I have not noted it anywhere. Sir how can I retrieve it? sir your guidance will be vulnerable for me please reply as soon as possible . i am waitnig………..

  10. Deva kedar म्हणतो आहे:

    How to join your pgp?

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