Welcome MPSC Prelims Candidates

Welcome dear friends who are preparing for MPSC  State Services Exam 2010.

I will be available to assist you in the preparation for this exam and will provide all necessary help here. In return, you will need to study hard to get through the examination; I need nothing more than that.

Have a look at the study plan, etc. Look at the right side —>

मी एक सर्व्हे तयार केला आहे. त्यावर माझ्या ब्लोगच महत्व काय आहे, तो कितपर्यंत MPSC च्या परीक्षेसाठी मदत करतो ते ह्या सर्व्हे च्या मार्गाने मला कळवा, तुमचा आभारी राहीन.

Please click on this link:
MPSC राज्यसेवा परीक्षेच्या तयारीसाठी https://anilmd.wordpress.com हा ब्लॉग कसा आहे?


Please remember that ONLY those comments will be answered that are related to MPSC State Services Examination (Rajyaseva) and not for other exams. I do not have experience in any other examination structure, etc so I will not be able to help. All comments not related to MPSC State Services Exam will be DELETED.

Also, please remember to put in your comments in lower case only and do not use UPPER CASE for your messages. All such messages/comments will be deleted.

Please DO NOT post my email ID on social networking sites and DO NOT send me invitations to join them. A lot of people have been doing this and I am facing lot of problems; so please co-operate. I am here to help you and please do not create problems for me. Thanks.

About AnilDabhade

AD's IAS Academy Nashik provides excellent Personal Guidance Programs for aspirants of MPSC and UPSC Exam.
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4 Responses to Welcome MPSC Prelims Candidates

  1. Biradar Shyam Shivraj म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi sir,
    I am a student of I.T Engg. 2nd year. Also doing B.com in open Univ. Sir I want to preapare for MPSC exam. For that I want following information. please help me.
    1) How many steps in MPSC completion such as Pri, Main, Interview etc.
    2) Age Limit For Open Catagory?
    3) How many attempts for Open Cat. ?
    4) Interested in Police post. So which exam is for me ?
    5) For prepration, What is he starting point?
    6) Subjects ?
    7) Study techniques???

    After your reply I am able to do something. So please sir help me.. Waiting for your positive response.

    • AnilMD म्हणतो आहे:

      @Shyam, 1) Rajyaseva has 2 stages (a) Prelims, b) Mains, and c) Interview. 2) 33 yrs, 3) No limit on attempts. 4) Dy SP/ACP (or you may go for MPSC PSI exam that has 4 stages including Physical Test). 5) Decide about the exam you wish to prepare for and then collect books accordingly from 6th to 12th std and also advanced books. 6) No need to choose subjects. Refer the syllabus available here under these menus – “MPSC Rajyaseva” and “MPSC PSI”.7) Study indepth, prepare your own Notes, do numerous revisions and then attempt lots of Mock Tests.

  2. anilmd म्हणतो आहे:

    Please post your details on https://anilmd.wordpress.com/what-is-your-exam-center/ page because everyone will be posting there.

  3. Nakul म्हणतो आहे:

    Hi sir,

    My & Pallavi’s Exam Center is Nagpur for MPSC.

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